Yahoo Store Issues

Yahoo Merchant Shares Problems

After reading the article in the Jan. 8 issue of iMarketing News regarding the Yahoo store issues, I wanted to let you know that DreamPages’ problems were right on point. We had very similar problems with our Yahoo store and finally gave up trying to resolve it with Yahoo. We subsequently closed our Yahoo store.

Ours was an issue of downloading a form online, but unfortunately for us, Yahoo’s store did not deliver the download in its original format. Yahoo admitted it was an issue with its store but refused to do anything about it.

We went over and above normal customer service to help the customer open the downloaded file correctly, but of course they did not read the instructions and instead gave us bad ratings, and we were dropped from listings. It didn’t make sense to be paying Yahoo only to have them treat us so unfairly.

It’s nice to know we obviously were not the only ones having problems with Yahoo.

K.L. Poe


Confusing List Brokers With List Managers

Please advise Ms. Julie Simard (iMarketing News, Feb. 5) to educate herself about the list brokerage/list management community before writing a how-to article referencing our business.

Under the heading “Gather names,” she incorrectly states that list brokers do not get paid unless they sell the lists they manage. She is actually referring to list managers.

I am a broker who can sell you any list available on the open market. Limiting my clients to only the lists my company manages would be a severe disservice to us all.

Kathleen M. Stivaletti

Vice president, list brokerage

MSGi Direct

[email protected]

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