Worldata Snares Stevens Publishing Lists

List broker and manager Worldata takes exclusive management Monday of the Stevens Publishing postal and e-mail lists comprising 555,000 professionals.

This is the first time that Stevens has outsourced its list management. The publisher recently was purchased by 1105 Media, which previously bought 101communications.

“We hope to expand Stevens Publishing’s offerings, not just by helping to analyze data but to also bring in unavailable data, mine it and bring out different segments that people were not aware of,” said Jay Schwedelson, corporate vice president of Worldata, Boca Raton, FL.

Stevens publishes 11 magazines and 19 newsletters. Its files include Occupational Health & Safety, Security Products, Environmental Protection, Water & Waste Products and Home Health Products and Mobility Management.

Worldata plans to expand awareness of Stevens to new mailers and list brokers unfamiliar with the company. Worldata will target different areas of business-to-business publishing. This includes healthcare, human resources and compliance. It also will target both the niche markets and the general market in order to reach business decision makers.

Stevens will continue to bring more lists over to Worldata. The decision to outsource came from 1105 Media.

“When 1105 Media purchased Stevens Publishing, they were looking for ways to streamline it within an organization,” Mr. Schwedelson said. “Worldata has a good track record with 101communications. We brought their list out and increased revenue and want to do the same with Stevens Publishing.”

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