Worldata Gets Pinnacle Publishing Subscribers

Worldata, Boca Raton, FL, announced its appointment yesterday as list manager for the Pinnacle Publishing newsletter subscriber files, effective March 10.

Pinnacle publishes IT newsletters aimed at developers, programmers and database administrators.

Subscribers pay an average of $125 per year for 12 issues. All the Pinnacle files are 100 percent direct response generated.

The Pinnacle Publishing contains 122,000 postal names for $180/M and 22,100 email addresses for $350/M.

The individual Pinnacle Publishing subscriber lists that make up the master file are:

· Active Web Developer with 17,900 Microsoft Web developers at $205/M.

· Easy ACT! with 27,000 sales and marketing professionals at $155/M.

· FoxTalk with 8,300 FoxPro & Visual FoxPro developers at $205/M.

· Hardcore Delphi with 8,800 Enterprise developers at $205/M.

· Hardcore Visual Basic with 20,100 Microsoft application developers at $205/M.

· Hardcore Visual Studio.NET with 3,200 .NET developers at $900/flat.

· Hardcore Web Services with 7,600 Web and e-commerce developers at $205/M.

· Macromedia User Journal with 4,500 multimedia developers at $900/flat.

· Oracle Developer with 13,900 Oracle database administrators and developers at $205/M.

· Smart Access with 23,500 Microsoft Access developers at $205/M.

· SQL Server Professional with 16,900 Microsoft SQL server professionals at $205/M.

· Visual C++ Developer with 7,300 software developers at $205/M.

· Most of these files also offer international and Canadian subscribers.

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