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Worldata: E-Mail List Prices Continue to Drop

As predicted in its last List Price Index, e-mail list rental prices continue to drop, according to the Fall 2005 index from Worldata, Boca Raton, FL, released Friday.

While permission-based business-to-business e-mail lists remained the highest-priced lists on the market in October 2005, the average price was $281/M, representing a decrease of $6/M over October 2004.

The Worldata Fall 2005 List Price Index covers October 2004 to October 2005. It is grouped into list categories and compares costs per thousand names for the 12-month period.

Permission-based business-to-consumer e-mail lists had an average price of $167/M in October 2005, down $3/M from October 2004.

The second highest priced list category overall was newsletters with an October 2005 average of $175/M, up $5/M over October 2004.

Consumer magazine lists had a decrease of $5/M in October 2005 over last year, dropping the average price to $104/M.

Donor files remain the lowest-cost lists for rental with an average price of $76/M in October 2005, a $1/M increase over last year.

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