Worldata Adds ZDNet Lists

Worldata was appointed exclusive list manager for the ZDNet lists of technology professionals, the Boca Raton, FL, company announced yesterday.

ZDNet Master File includes subscribers from ZDNet Enterprise Alerts and ZDNet TechSpecials. It contains 500,000 subscribers and has a base price of $100/M. Other lists include:

· ZDNet Lifephases, with 428,600 names and a base price of $100/M.

· ZDNet Lifetrends, with 39,600 names and a base price of $100/M.

· ZDNet Enterprise Alerts, with 66,100 postal names at $175/M and 147,200 e-mail names at $300/M.

· ZDNet IT Professionals, with 46,900 names and a base price of $100/M.

· ZDNet Lifelines, with 39,600 paid members at $150/M.

· ZDNet Members Business Address, with 111,400 names at $110/M.

· ZDNet SOHO, with 100,400 paid members and a cost of $100/M.

· ZDNet TechSpecials, with 159,800 postal names at $175/M and 220,100 e-mail subscribers at $120/M.

Data cards for these files are available at

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