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Wise leaves Did-it for Right Media Remix

Kevin Lee, founder and executive chairman at Did-it, New York, said that Mr. Wise’s vision and priorities for the company and those of the founders were not sufficiently aligned to make for a good fit moving forward.

“Bill is a smart guy and provided us with a fresh outside perspective during a period of rapid growth and change within the search industry,” Mr. Lee said. “As a former DoubleClick manager and as the general manager of Ask’s media division, Bill is in a unique position to combine his understanding of auction-based media with his prior experience in online display media as president of RightMedia’s Remix division.”

The division was re-branded from Right Media Network to Remix Media in the fourth quarter of 2006. Mr. Wise will lead the effort to re-position Remix, its products and services within the marketplace.

“The auction and media management space is incredibly complex, with entities ranging from our own open exchange to Google or MSN’s auction systems,” Mr. Wise said. “Remix will strive to be a great consultative partner to marketers and agencies to help them navigate this new world effectively and manage their campaigns more efficiently than ever before.”

Right Media CEO Michael Walrath said Mr. Wise has direct experience managing online advertising, performance marketing, ad networks and search marketing.

“That type of extensive experience cannot be taught or easily replicated,” Mr. Walrath said.

As president of the Remix business, Mr. Wise is responsible for sales, marketing, operations, business development and product development.

Mr. Wise began his career in finance and then got work experience in marketing and direct mail.

“Never did I think that these two disciplines would combine so strongly,” Mr. Wise said. “Companies like Google, Advertising.com and Right Media have empowered the market with a granular accountability of media that never existed before.”

He said that chief marketing officers are spending more time in the chief financial officer’s office than ever before.

“My experiences at DoubleClick, Ask.com and Did-it have given me a holistic view of online marketing, specifically around performance-based marketing, and I look forward to helping direct marketers and their agencies to navigate this confusing ecosystem of online advertising,” he said.

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