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WinDay.com Plays Matchmaker in Direct-Marketing

WinDay.com is expected to launch its Match Marketing service by the end of the month to help advertisers create an ongoing dialogue with targeted consumers.

The service allows advertisers to lure consumers to their microsites at WinDay.com via sweepstakes offers, discounts, rebates and other incentives. Once consumers enter a contest, they are encouraged to check their private WinDay.com e-mail boxes where they can find out about the sweepstakes drawing, whether they won and information on offers from advertisers.

To register at the site, consumers provide information such as name, age and address. Upon becoming a member, consumers can enter categories such as travel, automotive or cigars that correspond with their interests. Each category will offer microsites with advertisers’ products and a sweepstakes or other incentive. To enter the various sweepstakes, consumers must provide further demographic data.

The microsites can include product descriptions, 360-degree photos, video clips and dealer information.

Advertisers pay a $125 CPM fee for users who fall within their target demographic — not for all those who come to the microsite.

“The sweepstakes are a way to draw eyeballs to the site. However, advertisers only pay for customers fitting the profile they establish. If 100,000 people enter the sweepstakes and only 30,000 fit their exact customer profile — that’s all they pay for,” said Nick Coston, director of sales at WinDay.com, Chicago. “The goal is to make the site the most cost-effective method of direct marketing on the Web.”

Through the private mailbox on the site, advertisers can continue an ongoing dialogue with desired consumers. Match marketing allows advertisers to communicate with consumers through special offers. Consumers can “communicate with advertisers by saying ‘please let me know when this car model is available in my zip code,'” said Coston.

Since home and business e-mail boxes are getting slammed with massive amounts of messages, newsletters, offers and spam, the WinDay.com private mailbox gives advertisers a special place to reach consumers, according to Coston. The messages will be specific to consumers needs “so they won’t get blasted with junk e-mail,” he said.

Advertisers will benefit, he said, because “companies ranging in size from mom-and-pops to major automobile manufacturers can find out exactly what the customer is looking for. They can say, ‘Tell us what you don’t see that you want.’ They can create a database full of information.”

WinDay.com offers clients comprehensive online reporting tools that track the status of the sweepstakes and customer behavior in real time. It can track the number of members who request specific pricing, product information and the most requested pages.

Sweepstakes prizes will include automobiles, cruises, high-end watches, jewelry, airline tickets and other travel packages.

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