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Whole Foods debuts first Facebook app, promoting nonprofits

Whole Foods Market has launched its first Facebook application to promote its “This is my year to…” campaign, which launched December 28. The goal of the effort is to give back to three national non-profit food organizations during 2010.

Throughout January, Whole Foods will use the Facebook app to ask users to choose one of three options that best matches how they would complete the sentence, “This is my year to…” Each option corresponds to a nonprofit.

Each of the three organizations will receive $10,000 from Whole Foods, its media partner Health Magazine and vendor partner Odwalla. The nonprofit with the most votes will receive an additional $10,000.

Voting consumers can also make their sentence their status update, therefore driving other users to the app.

The first answer is “know where my food comes from,” promoting the Non-GMO Project, which encourages informed choice about whether or not to ingest genetically modified products. The second is “choose organic,” which drives to The Organic Center, a group that wants to increase the current market for organic food from 3% to 10% by the end of next year. The third answer is “share my plate,” which promotes Growing Power, a group that provides training to people from diverse backgrounds to grow, process, market and distribute sustainable food.

“We believe small, simple steps are the best way to enjoy healthy eating and living well on a budget, and we hope our shoppers will share their aspirations and ideas with others through the new ‘This is my year to…’ Facebook application,” said Barry Hirsch, program coordinator at Whole Foods Market, in a statement. “Collectively, our shoppers will also be supporting three terrific nonprofit organizations.”

Whole Foods could not be immediately reached for comment.

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