Who you should know at DMNews

We have a lot of fun each week putting together the print edition of DMNews and hearing from all of you. So keep the news, opinion and features coming! We also get plenty of questions about the right person to contact for a specific section or department. So, here’s the skinny:

Got news?
— Send press releases to [email protected] or get in touch with Nancy Kearney with breaking news or tips – either on, or off the record.

Want to show off the creative behind your campaigns?
– send breaking campaigns to Nancy Kearney (“Brand New”)
– send completed campaigns with impressive results to Chantal Tode (“The Work”)
– send campaigns tied to an industry sector – healthcare, financial services, b-to-b, for example – to Sharon Goldman (see our edit calendar under “Vertical Feature” for specific topics)

Have you or a marketer you know had outstanding results?
– send recently completed or ongoing campaigns to Sharon Goldman
– perhaps your case study qualifies for one of our “Main” features. Check out our edit calendar and contact Sharon Goldman.

Want to praise or critique a fellow DMer?

– send Cara Wood examples of work that you saw and loved (“Direct Choice”)

Want to share your expertise or opinion?

– check out our edit cal for “Technique” topics and let Sharon Goldman know if you have an expert willing to contribute a short opinion piece in a particular sector
– send Q&As for Toolbox around how-to topics to Lauren Bell
– send Cara Wood your latest view on a trend for our Op-Eds
– challenge a co-worker or industry expert to a round in the ring with a “Gloves Off” on any topic Nancy Kearney accepts opinions on highly debated issues in the industry
– send Nathan Golia your advice for job seekers and hiring managers (Expert Advice)

What else can you do?
– if you’re launching a mobile campaign, contact Dianna Dilworth with “Third Screen” pitches
– if you have new data cards for list and insert programs send to [email protected]
– send new hire announcements to [email protected]
– send letters to the editor to Cara Wood

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