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What You Need to Know October 21: Forrester, IDC and programmatic buying

VentureBeat has the news that Adobe will be ranked Forrester’s highest provider of enterprise marketing software, besting competitors Salesforce, SAS Institute, IBM, Oracle, Teradata, Marketo, and SAP. One of the defining features attributed to Adobe’s success was its strength in integrating products from acquisitions into a comprehensive suite of tools. More on this later. 

A new study from IDC predicted that global enterprise marketing software purchases will top $32 billion by 2018, growing from an expected figure of $20.2 in 2014. As Forbes pointed out, IDC breaks down enterprise marketing software into four distinct buckets: interaction management, content production and management, data and analytics, and marketing management and administration.

Marco Bertozzi, VivaKi’s VP NA client services, wrote in Campaign US that the move to reduce costs and bring programmatic buying in-house distracts from the need to focus on strategy.

It is a real shame. I spend so much time talking fees and transparency with advertisers and so little on strategy that I truly believe they are missing the chance to make the most of this incredible opportunity. 

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