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What You Need to Know Nov 14: Offerpop, acquisitions and machine learning

VentureBeat discussed why digital marketing companies are seeing a raft of acquisitions.

Companies are now “in an arms race to build customer service [and experience] access across multiple channels,” LiquidHub CEO Jonathan Brassington told VentureBeat, because the customer can quickly and easily move between retailers and service providers.

Fresh off of a $15M Series C round of funding, Offerpop just hired five new executives, including former Experian VP of Product Strategy Stephane Cinguino.

CMO pondered the intersection of machine learning, big data and marketing automation.

“What we have is a system that does natural language understanding,” Will Webb-Purkis, Conversica VP product management, said. “We are able to interpret the responses to emails that we are sending out, and these responses can come in basically any form.

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