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What to Look for in a Marketing Dashboard

marketing dashboard

You need a finger on the pulse of your company as a responsible business owner — and that’s exactly what a marketing dashboard offers. It’s designed to streamline the visual representation of complex information and helps people to grasp, analyze, and act upon critical insights.

It’s essential to make the most of your marketing dollars in this trying economic environment rife with inflation. Getting real-time access to data can help guide your marketing strategy. You’ll be able to comb over the analytics and drill down deep into the data to reach your target market.

Your digital marketing campaigns can generate a ton of data. But what good will that be if you can’t capture this data and present it in easily digestible ways? A marketing dashboard will help you figure out your return on investment and determine the marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

But no two marketing dashboards are the same, so you’ll need to conduct research before choosing one. Do you know how to go about finding the right digital marketing dashboard?

Continue reading to see what your company needs in a digital marketing dashboard.

Look for Customization

When looking for a marketing dashboard, focus on things like customization. Customization is typically offered through marketing dashboard templates. You’ll be able to check them out, get feedback from the people who’ll be using it, and choose one or more. It’s essential to get a solution that meets the specific needs of your business to get the most benefits.

Look for Scalability

It’s also essential to focus on scalability. As your data projects expand, you’ll want to be able to expand your marketing dashboard accordingly. You’ll also want your solution to be able to accommodate the various data sources that are essential for your business.

Ask the vendor of whatever solution you’re considering if its marketing dashboard offers flexible APIs. You’ll want to know this since flexible APIs will allow for flexible integration and seamless compatibility with your backend accounting, CRM, and ERP software applications.

Look for Mobile Functionality

You probably don’t have to be reminded that the business world is increasingly going mobile. That’s one reason why your business website needs to be mobile-friendly. This will ensure people can access it from their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices without issues.

Similarly, you need to find a marketing dashboard that allows staff to access it whether they’re working in the office or working remotely someplace else. It’s essential that your staff members have access to data pertaining to marketing performance in real-time and at any time they need it. So, you’ll want to steer clear of a solution that isn’t optimized for big and small screens.

Look for Supported Data Points

One of the main benefits of a marketing dashboard is that it pulls data from various sources, like website analytics, email campaigns, and social media, and then showcases that data in a single location. Marketing dashboards use charts, graphs, timelines, other dynamic visual aids, and text to display key performance indicators. They also display data points like conversion rates, revenue, lead pipeline, demographic trends, geographic information, traffic source tracking, and more.

Look for Data Analysis

You also need to consider online data analysis, which refers to managing, visualizing, analyzing, and monitoring datasets from different sources. It would be a mistake to think that all marketing dashboards have the same level of data analysis features. It pays to understand the benefits of online data analysis tools so that you can make an informed buying decision for your business.

If you run a business, marketing needs to be high up on the corporate agenda. But doing so effectively requires that your company use the right solutions. One of those tools happens to be a marketing dashboard. Consider the information above to help you find the right one for you.

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