What is Lexity and why did Yahoo buy it?

Yahoo continues its acquisition spree, with e-commerce app platform Lexity becoming the latest addition to its stable of companies.

Lexity builds apps that help small to midsize businesses get the most out of their online selling, from providing targeted sales channels on Facebook to advertising and getting analytics on multiple platforms. Yahoo says it has acquired the startup to add to its services for Yahoo Small Business.

Although Yahoo’s focus has been on expanding its mobile presence as well as becoming hip again (see Tumblr acquisition) this is a notable purchase for taking it into e-commerce territory. It is also a provider of a real, tangible service and hence a guaranteed revenue maker for the company. 

Lexity was founded just four years ago by former Yahoo employee Amit Kumar, who is now being “welcomed home.” It’s important to note that this is not strictly a talent acquisition, Yahoo intends to fully integrate the startup, and pretty soon it will drop the name Lexity and adopt Yahoo branding. 

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