We’re using a lot more Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest (and less of everything else)

They may not have their advertising tools completely figured out yet, but there’s no doubt that Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest are going to be the next big platforms for marketers.

A study conducted by GlobalWebIndex asked internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 which social media platform they were using the most over the last six months.

The only platforms which showed increased usage were Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest, with all other platforms showing a decrease in usage.

Not surprisingly, the biggest decline was in MySpace, (which I’m surprised even made it to the list) but it’s interesting to see how Google+ usage remained fairly steady. Does this mean people are actually using Google+ or are they counting all their interactions through Google’s other services?

Facebook and Twitter showed declines, although Facebook still have a massive chunk (over 80%) of the population using it. That last figure will be of concern for Twitter. The platform has been battling shareholders over its decreased growth ever since it went public, and the company is under pressure to get more people to use it, and stay on as users.

Here are the stats for all the social media platforms:

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