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Web optimization platform Monetate releases a budget version for SMB marketers

Monetate is bringing its platform to the masses. The Philadelphia-based company announced today that it is releasing a budget version of its premium website optimization platform.

The new platform, titled Monetate for Testing and Targeting, will offer enterprise-level features at a much cheaper price, according to Monetate’s VP of product management Bruce Ernst. “With Monetate for Testing and Targeting, we’re bringing enterprise-grade testing to the masses with unmatched scale, efficient workflow and rigorous security,” Ernst says. “Whether a marketer is running two or two hundred tests, it doesn’t matter – execution is just as easy, campaigns remain within marketing and no additional resources or IT involvement are required.”

Ernst says pricing for the new platform starts at $1000 a month, which comes with a one-year subscription.

Marketers using the scaled down product will have access to most of the premium platform’s features. This includes A/B and multivariate testing for web content, the ability to set their own KPIs, upload creative assets, and integrate with third-party customer analytics. The only features missing are Monetate’s deep personalization and machine learning capabilities, which automate experiences based on historical customer data.

By putting out a platform that is accessible to a wider range of marketers, Monetate is taking on the competition at both the upper and lower price levels. At the enterprise level, it’s already competing with Adobe Target, and at the entry-point level it now competes with Optimizely. The advantage Monetate has is that it now offers marketers even more complex features and testing power than Optimizely at a similiar price level. And while Adobe Target may have more powerful capabilities, it has been criticized as being too technical and complex for most marketers to use. With its simpler user interface and point and click functionality, Monetate might be the more attractive option for marketers, the majority of which still lack the technical skills to execute complex testing.

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