Walter Karl Offers Footaction Buyers

Walter Karl Inc., a Donnelley Company, Pearl River, NY, debuted the Footaction loyalty club program file of 1.4 million 12-month members and buyers.

Footaction club members buy brand-name athletic footwear and apparel from its 450 retail locations nationwide or online.

The file is 60 percent male with an age range of 14-26 and an average purchase of $90. It is 55 percent African-American and 15 percent Hispanic. Selections include geography, recency, dollar, gender, product, date of birth, Internet source and credit card buyers. Base price is $90/M.

Walter Karl suggests this file for offers geared toward the teen, African-American and Hispanic markets as well as products such as apparel, music, video, automobiles, health, sports, education, computers, credit cards, fundraising and high-tech.

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