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Walgreens launches with Foursquare

Walgreens launched a Foursquare campaign on March 6 that offers discounts to customers checking into store locations, said Rich Lesperance, Walgreens’s director of digital marketing and emerging media.

The first coupon, available March 6-10, will be for half-off cans of Arizona Iced Tea. When consumers check in at a specific store location they’ll get access to the coupon on their phones. If the first coupon is successful, the company plans to continue the program, he said. Walgreens did not specify dates for the program’s potential continuation.

“We want to stay ahead of the curve and give customers an extra thanks for showing up [and checking in], Lesperance said. “We’re always trying to come up with ways that will keep them more engaged.”

Last November, the drug retailer offered a free flu shot to someone in need for every check-in, Lesperance said. It was a big success. “It was really sticky,” he said. “It not only sustained [check-ins], it actually grew.”

Walgreens currently has nearly 86,000 followers on Foursquare. Because roughly six million people visit a Walgreens store each day, Lesperance believes that kind of reach can be powerful.

Foursquare could not immediately be reached for comment.

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