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Viral video: Mercedez-Benz uses dancing chickens to demonstrate “magic body control”

This commercial from Mercedez- Benz is a little hilarious, a little disturbing, and getting a ton of hits on Youtube. It’s racked up nearly 6 million views since it went online at the end of last month.

The 53 second video features chickens being held by a pair of hands that make them move and dance to the beat of the very catchy Diana Ross hit “Upside Down”  (which is also getting a ton of new hits thanks to the commercial.) Although their bodies are being moved, the chickens keep their heads absolutely straight, (even if they seem to be slightly annoyed at this indignity.)

I personally find it right on the edge of creepy, but maybe that’s because I find most birds off-putting generally. But, it’s still an entertaining, creative video, and you’ll notice there isn’t a single image of a car throughout the video. Subtle, funny and creative, great piece of advertising from Mercedez-Benz. 

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