Victoria’s Secret Makes a Major Snafu in Its Messaging

Update: Victoria’s Secret has updated the copy of the original image. It now reads “A Body for Every Body.” The company has yet to release a statement on the controversy. 

It’s been a tough year for the beauty and cosmetics industry. Anti-airbrushing rhetoric and #NoMakeUp trends have persisted throughout the year, bouncing in and out of popularity. Now, the conversation is circulating the Twittersphere, again; this time with the hashtag #IAmPerfect.

In what some call a perplexing marketing move, famed women’s underwear brand Victoria’s Secret ran a campaign that a number of consumers felt reinforced a dated standard of beauty. The campaign—dubbed “The Perfect Body—” ran earlier this week in the United Kingdom. Response to the campaign has been prompt and passionate, with brands such as Dove going so far as to recreate to the campaign creative with more inclusive body images.

Through the hashtag #IAmPerfect, consumers have stormed Twitter to voice their frustrations with Victoria’s Secret’s campaign; and these shoppers didn’t stop at simple Twitter rebukes. Through a petition, people are demanding Victoria’s Secret apologize for the campaign. At the time of this writing, the petition has garnered nearly 26,000 signatures.

Whether Victoria’s Secret acquiesces to these request or not, #IAmPerfect will likely be remembered as one of the most high-profile marketing snafus of the year.

The tide, however, isn’t completely against Victoria’s Secret. Though somewhat deafened by the prevailing #IAmPerfect rhetoric, some consumers are bringing counter arguments to the discussion.

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