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Vertis Introduces New Brand Image

Vertis Inc. announced July 17 that the company has introduced a new brand image and name called Vertis Communications.

The rebranding is meant to reflect the company’s positioning and ability to deliver consulting, research, creative, direct mail campaigns, technology solutions, production and media programs.

“The decision to re-brand was a response to several factors, including the addition of new services and acquisitions,” said Ann Raider, chief strategy officer for Vertis Communications, Baltimore.

These include Vertis’ acquisition of USA Direct and new offerings such as Marketing Resource Management, Interactive Promotional Tool, OnDemand, Soft Proofing and Grand Opening Tool Kit.

The new branding effort will be communicated and supported with advertising and promotional efforts. The company’s legal name remains Vertis Inc. and its Web site address will remain www.vertisinc.com.

Vertis will maintain its focus on industries such as retail, food and grocery, consumer packaged goods, financial services, durable goods and manufacturing, healthcare, publishing, newspapers, advertising agencies and technology.

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