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VerticalResponse and Panther Express partner

E-mail marketing services firm VerticalResponse has partnered with content delivery services firm Panther Express.


Under the terms of the deal, Panther Express will power the content delivery network for VerticalResponse’s communications. The service will apply to all marketers using the VerticalResponse platform, including Icon Estates, a California winery, and Due Maternity, an e-commerce site for pregnancy fashions.


“By partnering with Panther Express, we make sure that when our customers send out e-mail marketing messages, that the images in those e-mails always get delivered in a fast and reliable way,” said Jonathan Clay, VP of engineering at VerticalResponse.


When a consumer opens an e-mail campaign from a marketer using the VerticalResponse platform, the request to render the image will go directly to a local Panther Express network.


“It helps speed up the process and it makes it more reliable,” Clay added.

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