Veritas Promises Data Protection

Veritas Software Corp. introduced a new automated data protection tool in June called NetBackup Professional and launched a direct mail campaign in support of it this month targeting medium- to large-sized businesses.

For Veritas, Mountain View, CA, a provider of storage management software, the direct mail campaign is part of an integrated marketing effort including print and Web advertising. Nick Bucchino, senior direct response manager at Veritas, said the print campaign is still in the planning stage, but that it will run in the September and October issues of weekly and monthly trade and business magazines.

In early July more than 37,500 pieces were sent out. Everyone on the list received the same piece, but Veritas divided the total amount in half by using different packaging methods.

Half of the pieces were personalized self-mailers, sent to companies' system administrators as well as information technology and information systems managers. The other half was shipped inside a personalized envelope and contained a personalized cover letter along with the informational piece. That half went to vice presidents of marketing and sales within those same companies.

“So far we have seen a response rate of about 1.3 percent,” Bucchino said. “And it looks about equal as to which packaging is producing the better response.”

The piece is a three-page foldout containing a mug shot on the front of a thief who not only has stolen “your laptop” but also has lost your “data” forever.

Inside is a short anecdote about a laptop being stolen and along with it the disappearance of important corporate data. That is followed by a description of how NetBackup Professional can protect your data, if stolen, as though it were saved on a centralized application and database server.

The piece then gives a detailed description of the services and benefits of using NetBackup. The last section directs recipients to order a free NetBackup Professional information kit by calling a toll-free number or visiting a Web site set up for this campaign.

People can call to order the product directly without asking for the information kit. Those asking to receive the kit via the telephone are placed into the prospect database and will be contacted with a follow-up through either a phone call, an e-mail or another direct mail piece.

Visitors to the Web site will see an online version of the text in the piece and will be asked to fill out a form to receive a kit. Those people will be put into the prospect database as well. Veritas is working to get an e-fulfillment feature operating to allow prospects to order the tool online.

Veritas worked with Kuhn & Wittenborn, Kansas City, MO, on developing all aspects of the campaign.

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