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USPS Trucks Promote Kmart Offer in San Juan

U.S. Postal Service trucks in San Juan, Puerto Rico, yesterday began displaying an advertisement for a Kmart credit card offer.

Approximately 350 trucks bearing an ad with a toll-free number for a Kmart MasterCard rolled through the streets of the San Juan metropolitan area. The promotion is slated to continue for 45 days and is expected to reach 25 percent of the population in the San Juan area.

Terms of the agreement between Kmart and the USPS were not disclosed. Kmart is the first business to advertise on postal vehicles in Puerto Rico.

The truck advertising campaign is aimed at increasing customer acquisition rates for the Kmart MasterCard, said John Ward, USPS vice president of core business products. The ads complement current direct mail efforts by Kmart.

The Kmart MasterCard, which is being issued by Capital One, is being offered at an introductory 0 percent annual percentage rate. Consumers also can apply for an extra line of credit for use exclusively at Kmart stores and at BlueLight.com, Kmart's online store.

The USPS makes advertising on postal assets available through the Postal Ad Network, which also offers advertising on collection boxes, Priority and Express mail packaging, stamp books and Web sites.

Kmart began a four-week run of banner ads on the USPS Web site in early May.

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