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USPS Premium Forwarding Service has record first year

More than 105,000 customers have taken advantage of the U.S. Postal Service’s Premium Forwarding Service, which allows mail to be forwarded from a permanent to a temporary address for up to one year.
The USPS said that PFS exceeded its initial goal of 100,000 customers, and has found favor with “snow birds,” those who seek warmer climates during the winter, according to tracking data.
According to USPS data, new subscribers more than doubled in September (6,866) from the previous year (2,787).
Available to all customers for a little more than a year, PFS is a personalized service for sending all mail from a primary residential address to a temporary address using Priority Mail packages.
PFS is available only for domestic mail. There is a one-time fee of $10 to start the service, and customers are charged $10.40 weekly for the service. Express Mail, First-Class Mail or Priority Mail packages too large to fit inside the PFS package are rerouted separately at no additional charge.

– Melissa Campanelli

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