USPS, Courier Sign Licensing Deal

The U.S. Postal Service signed a licensing agreement last week with Estafeta USA Inc., Houston, a private courier company.

Estafeta USA, an affiliate of Estafeta, an express shipping company in Mexico, will have limited use of USPS trademarks and logos on advertising collateral, promotional materials and signage to indicate that the company is an authorized agent of the USPS involving its inbound Priority Mail services.

As an authorized agent for inbound domestic Priority Mail, Estafeta USA will use Priority Mail service as the final leg of “USA Economico,” one of the international products Estafeta offers at more than 500 retail outlets across Mexico.

Estafeta USA links to the USPS domestic delivery network by clearing inbound packages originating in Mexico through U.S. Customs, transporting them into the United States and tendering them to the USPS at the McAllen, TX, post office as domestic Priority Mail.

Estafeta USA's access to the USPS' delivery network via Priority Mail is expected to expand through the licensing agreement.

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