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USPS Announces Service and Price Improvements for International Priority Airmail

The U.S. Postal Service on Sunday began its plans to lower costs and improve service for its International Priority Airmail service, which allows U.S.-based customers to deliver letters, printed matter, merchandise, and other matter overseas.

Under the new schedule, high volume mailers using the service will see a drop in per-pound rates for drop-shipped, sacked mail sorted by country, except Canada, but no change in the per pieces charge. Mailers will also be able to increase the weight of their sacked mail to 1 pounds form 10 pounds.

Mailers spending $2 million annually on postage will qualify for a 5 percent discounts for drop-shipping their mail at one of four designated drop ship centers, a mailer who spends more than $10 million per year will save 10 percent, and a mailer spending more than as $13 million on postage wil sale 15 percent. The drop ship centers are : Jamaica, NY; Miami FL; Franklin Park, IL; and San Francisco, CA.

The rate are lowered because the fees changed by foreign postal service to handle international mail were reduced last year through new contracts, according to the USPS

“Working with our foreign partners, we have lowered our costs so we can apss the savings on to our customers,” said James Grubiak, vice president, USPS International Business Unit, in a statement.

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