US News slashes frequency, maintains rate base

US News and World Report is cutting its frequency and redesigning its magazine and Web site in an effort to keep up with the changing consumer landscape.

The once weekly magazine moved from 46 to 36 issues this year, and will now publish only every other week. Its circulation has remained flat, at a little more than 2 million, this year, but Web site traffic has risen — and it’s there that the company is investing for the future: Its Web site, is adding to its interactive features and directories, building a new opinion site, and expanding its weekly newsletters.

“The changes taking place reflect our long-term strategy and are directly beneficial to our business, our readers, and our advertisers,” said Bill Holiber, president of US News Media Group, in a statement. “With this new entity and identity comes the ability to expand our opportunities as a forward-thinking, leading media publisher.”

In its redesign, which debuts next month, the magazine will focus on the inherent strengths of print, namely the ability to tell long-form engaging stories. Special issues outside of the alternate-week schedule will provide in-depth coverage of such issues as the presidential election.

US News Media Group, which was launched Monday, will house the site and magazine, along with the US News “Bests” franchise, and US News Specialty Publishing.

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