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UPU to Disseminate Finnish Postcodes

The Universal Postal Union, Bern, Switzerland, said yesterday that it signed an agreement with Finland Post this week authorizing it to serve as the sole access point for customers requiring Finnish postcodes.

Customers of the UPU's Universal Post*Code Database no longer need to sign a separate licensing deal with Finland to use Finnish postcodes. The UPU will serve as the main contact point for this information and will collect licensing fees for Finland Post.

The UPU said that business customers will have simpler, faster access to the Finnish postcode database in order to ensure the accuracy of their mail. Similar agreements exist with the Swiss and French posts.

The Universal Post*Code is a database of raw postcode data containing all available information on the postal addressing systems of the UPU's 190 member countries. It is designed to assist postal customers in addressing mail correctly. The database includes postal code information down to the post office or street level, depending on the national delivery system.

According to the UPU, the database is useful for those who manage address files, correct addresses on behalf of a third party, design address check software and for checking postal addressing system data.

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