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UPU Committee Forms Universal Service Panel

The Consultative Committee of the Universal Postal Union formed a working group on universal service March 28 that will provide private-sector input.

The Consultative Committee, which represents the non-postal and non-governmental sector of the global postal industry, is chaired by Charles Prescott, who is the Direct Marketing Association's vice president for international business development and government affairs.

“This issue regarding universal service, which focuses on what services should be reserved to the monopoly provider and what services should be open to competition, will be one of the most important issues to mailers, customers, posts, their competitors and, indeed, society in general in the coming years,” he said. “The liberalization and privatization of government-run postal systems, especially in Europe, is revealing societal interests that may not be receiving the support they merit in the debate.”

For example, Prescott noted that in a postal world governed by whether a service is profitable, there would be no nonprofit discount and no subsidy to vision-impaired consumers.

The new working group will be chaired by Sue Presti, executive director of the Express Delivery & Logistics Association and a member of the Consultative Committee.

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