UPS Ads Highlight Part-Time Work

United Parcel Service has extended its “What Can Brown Do for You?” campaign to focus on part-time work at the carrier, the Atlanta company said yesterday.

The new campaign includes a series of print advertisements that will run later this summer in markets such as Dallas, Los Angeles, St. Louis and Chicago. Direct mail may be used by some of the company's regions and districts across the country as the campaign rolls out.

The ads extol employment at UPS and show how part-time workers use employee benefits to reach their goals, such as having enough money to move out of their parents' homes, using tuition assistance to attend college or using UPS medical coverage to help with healthcare costs.

UPS also is running ads based around an essay contest for part-time employees that asks “What has Brown done for you?” In 1,000 words or less, employees describe an achievement or accomplishment made possible by their job at UPS. Winners will be announced in October and will receive cash prizes as well as recognition from UPS senior management. Contest details are posted on

With titles such as “Brown and the Road Trip,” “Brown and a Better Life” and “Brown and the Scholarship,” the ads focus on the experiences of employees. In “Road Trip,” a 20-something employee explains how a generous starting wage and weekends off let him travel to concerts with friends.

Separate from the ads directed at part-time employment, UPS has developed a series of ads on its commitment to diversity and community involvement. They will run throughout the year in regional and national minority, business and mainstream publications.

Several of the new ads reference the company's Earn and Learn program, tuition assistance offered to part-time employees in 51 locations nationwide. Benefits include $3,000 in tuition assistance per calendar year and $2,000 in forgivable student loans.

The Martin Agency developed several of the Brown ads. This marks the first major UPS brand advertising directed by Martin. Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications, which has handled UPS's employment advertising for five years, also worked under Martin's guidance in applying the Brown concept to ads directed at part-time employees.

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