Unum Group sees increase in e-mail, using landing pages

Unum Group, a provider of disability, group life, long-term care and voluntary benefits, has found that using e-mail for pre-enrollment communications has increased its response rates by using e-mail service provider Silverpop’s landing page product.

Traditionally, Unum sends e-mails to insurance brokers but, last fall, the insurance company began sending pre-enrollment e-mails directly to employees at client companies and has seen about a 40% open rate.  Of these e-mails that have been opened, there is a 65% open rate.

“We wanted to reach out and provide product and enrollment information to the employees of the companies that we provide to, to announce the enrollment options,” said Richard White, electronic marketing and communications manager at Unum, which provides services for more than 100,000 companies and 25 million people.  “We sent ‘last chance to enroll’ messaging, all with links to materials about available benefits. The e-mails also linked to video and podcasts.”

The campaign, which is now ongoing for Unum clients, includes the distribution of a series of three e-mails: an e-mail about the beginning of the enrollment period, one reminding customers of the enrollment deadline and another communicating the cutoff period. Links to co-branded landing pages are featured in every message. These landing pages, which resemble the look of the e-mail, have a call to action for consumers to contact Unum with any questions.

For these pre-enrollment e-mails, Unum used Silverpop’s Landing tool, to develop and manage pre-enrollment landing pages with various educational tools. The landing pages were developed and personalized for each client, so that when an employee clicked back to the page, they could find out their company’s enrollment benefits and deadlines. The landing pages are co-branded with Unum and the client.

“We could create the look that we wanted and we could do it without using the IT people, which is helpful since we are a small staff,” said White.

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