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Unruly Offers 30-Second Pay Format for Videos

Unruly, the ad-tech platform that guarantees shareability through better technology, is living up to its promise today, offering a cost per completed view (CPCV) model in which marketers pay only for ads watched a full 30 seconds. Facebook recently made headlines by offering a 10-second CPCV; the Media Ratings Council’s standard for a paid viewable impression is two seconds.

It’s all about effectiveness, according to Unruly VP Marketing Devra Prywes. “Consumers have more devices and more ad platforms on which to view content, so advertisers have to be really effective and work with consumers on the terms they’re dictating,” she said.

Unruly had already been offering a 30-second CPCV in its in-stream format that gives viewers the option to skip a video after five seconds. With today’s announcement, the deal becomes available in its in-feed and in-page formats, as well. There’s a premium attached to the option, but it’s not a substantial one, says Prywes.

“We see this as an opportunity to run more TV commercials,” she says. “We have a relationship with Thales Teixeira, a professor at Harvard Business School, who studies consumer attention in advertising. He says that 20 percent of TV commercials are watched to completion, so our view is that if advertisers are adopting a cross-screen philosophy, what works on TV should work on digital.”

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