Unoduo Picks Web Liquid for U.S.-UK Launch, a new service for connecting people with common interests and activities, tapped interactive agency Web Liquid to handle online marketing for a U.S. and British launch.

The agency's New York and London offices are charged with media planning and buying, creative development and Web site optimization. The first campaign, breaking in February, promotes Unoduo's travel interest group.

“Be it meeting up with a rugby fan and attending a match on your upcoming trip to Sydney or finding another family in your neighborhood to attend Sunday matinees, the opportunity to meet like-minded people online isn't limited to those with romantic expectations,” said Matthew Cronin, founding partner at Web Liquid, New York. “It's a new concept, and one that we anticipate will ring true with many people in the U.S. and Britain, but we'll have to present it to them in the most relevant manner so that they understand how it's different and how they can benefit from it.”

Yvonne Allen, a well-known Australian matchmaker, founded the online leisure activity network in Melbourne. The fee-based membership service targets singles, single parents and families to make connections online based on shared affinities. Travel is the first interest group to debut, with sports, dining and movies following later.

Web Liquid's campaign will focus on frequent-traveling families and individuals to meet on with other members showing similar interests in the travel destination. Members can connect in their local suburb, city or as they travel domestically and overseas.

“It's simply an opportunity to turn strangers into good friends all over the world,” Cronin said.

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