*Uni-Mail Allies With Stanton,Gains Barrie Pace Catalog List

Uni-Mail List Management last month formed an alliance with Stanton Direct Marketing to offer alternate media services and today took over the Barrie Pace catalog list and alternate media programs.

“It makes sense for us to team up with another company which really specializes in alternate media,” said Mike Bryant, president of Uni-Mail, New York. “It's an efficient way of bringing a talented staff of professionals directly to our clients.”

Uni-Mail's core business has been and will continue to be list brokerage and management, while Stanton specializes in alternate media.

Through the alliance with Stanton, Elmira, NY, each firm can offer clients expanded services.

Each company has more than 25 years of experience in the direct marketing industry, and both will continue to operate independently as well.

As of Friday, Uni-Mail/Stanton Alternate Media took over the Barrie Pace Package Insert Program and Catalog Blow-In Program, which include 165,000 inserts and 4 million blow-ins annually.

Also on Friday, Uni-Mail gained the Barrie Pace catalog file of 105,000 last-12-month buyers. The average order on the file is $275.

“We're very pleased to have the Barrie Pace file, since it sort of puts us on the map as far as high-ticket catalog files,” Bryant said.

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