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Unicorn Marketing Strategies: Building Presence and Driving Sales in the Healthcare Industry

Unicorn marketing strategies

The healthcare industry is substantially different from other professional sectors. This is not only based on the products and services involved but also accounting for the promotional strategies that need to be implemented while marketing the same. The best way to do it is to incorporate unicorn marketing strategies in your promotional operations. 

Take the example of the retail clothing market. When it comes to advertisements for accessories or apparel, the core idea is similar across all marketing campaigns. It’s a pair of jeans, or it’s a handbag. The end consumer understands what the product is all about.

That’s often a challenge when promoting healthcare services or products. The average person will not be able to comprehend technical information. How, then, do you position yourself in front of the relevant customers?

The first step to doing that is to understand who you want to pitch to. It’s not the average person. Instead, it’s other businesses and practitioners in the healthcare industry. As such, you need to tailor your material accordingly.

This article will examine precisely that. Let’s begin by understanding the nuances behind the concept of ‘unicorn marketing’ and how it differs from ‘crowd marketing.’ Read on!

Unicorn Marketing vs. Crowd Marketing

unicorn marketing vs crowd marketing

The most noticeable difference between unicorn strategies and crowd marketing efforts is related to the idea of specific channels. 

Crowd marketing is a promotional technique that uses public personalities and the influence they have to advertise a particular product. 

As opposed to this, unicorn strategies refer to a broader group of effective marketing methods with a significantly greater ROI. Unicorn promotional efforts can sometimes incorporate ‘crowd marketing’ as one aspect of the broader campaign. Additionally, because the concept behind unicorn marketing is about having an impact, certain factors must be kept in mind. 

First, before embarking on such promotional campaigns, it’s crucial to know the target audience. In this case, a business looking to pitch its product to the healthcare sector must consider its intended market base. Will it be physicians, insurance companies, or patients?

Once done, examine and dissect the current state of the industry. What kind of resistance will your campaign be met with? What is the reason behind particular products and services dominating the healthcare sector?

While those questions sound like generic marketing research points, they actually aren’t. The idea in all other industries and sectors is to portray a product as unique. In the healthcare industry, however, it’s crucial to borrow from the success of others.

Marketing Strategies to Drive Sales and Influence Buyers in the Healthcare Industry

bar graph to drive sales

There are several channels you can focus on in a unicorn promotional campaign. That’s not to say that the channels, themselves, determine the success of your efforts. The material is critical as well.

So, here are some things you can do to influence other figures in the healthcare industry:

1. Publish Well-Researched and Authoritative Content Consistently

bar graph US citizens info from internet

Despite the challenges associated with content marketing, it is perhaps the most powerful tool at your disposal. In the healthcare industry, medical research papers are published regularly and in a high volume. You cannot afford to ignore that opportunity.

Conceptualize content based on those papers. Examine the current practices, which new wonder drug is the topic of discussion, etc. No other sector can provide you with such readily accessible reference material.

Based on that, look towards ideating articles and papers that target your intended audience. 

For instance, if there has been a recent paper on the side effects of a particular drug, consider using that information to boost awareness about another variant you want to promote. 

2. Establish an Online Presence Oriented Toward Customer Service

bar graph customer service

With all information becoming more accessible by the general public, building trust is a matter of ‘showing’ rather than ‘telling.’

Did you know that 60% of consumers do not trust conventional advertisements? Moreover, sponsored social media campaigns rate even lower. As such, the marketing landscape has changed drastically over the years, essentially becoming more nuanced. That goes for B2B strategies as well. Consider the example below.

Your business has just landed a massive deal with an organization in the healthcare sector. Your brand reputation is now at stake. Subsequently, the success of future promotional material is dependent on how well you resolve current concerns and issues.

Marketing, now, is not just about increasing product awareness. It must also factor in customer satisfaction. Thus, it would be best if you established a comprehensive online network that deals explicitly with customer service and resolving queries. 

Retention is the idea here. Without it, you can be sure that your pitch will come across as hollow.

3. Use the Proper Data-Driven Channels to Build Attention

bar graph primary goals

Social media marketing has become an integral part of modern advertisements. Still, not all channels are built the same way. Promoting a medicinal drug on a photo-sharing site will not turn heads in the healthcare industry.

A better alternative would be to opt for a social media site that enables you to reach professionals in the sector. While it may not have the same level of visual impact, you can be assured that your material is coming across the right people and organizations.

After all, the goal is to build a presence in the sector. The only way to do that is by pitching to the decision-makers.

4. Host Events and Trade Shows

Unsurprisingly, a straightforward way to generate leads in the healthcare market is through events and shows. These B2B affairs bring a host of key industry figures under one roof. All it takes, then, is one conversation.

Note that hosting such events does require significant investment, monetary or otherwise. However, there is no denying that the cost, whatever it may be, is worth it. 

These kinds of events are unique when compared to other marketing channels. Besides, no other promotional avenue allows you to build personal relationships in such a short amount of time.

In Summary

John Sculley, the former President of PepsiCo and, later, the CEO of Apple, noted an interesting point about the healthcare sector. To quote:

‘Healthcare has been the last major industry to be touched by technology in terms of productivity and consumer adoption.’

What Sculley meant is simple. Despite being an essential sector, healthcare has often been overlooked regarding technological innovation and building customer awareness. 

As a marketer targeting this industry, you must ensure that you don’t make the same mistake. Unicorn marketing strategies can help.


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