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Uh Oh! SpaghettiOs Gets In Trouble For Its Pearl Harbor Tweet

Here’s yet another example of a brand getting it wrong trying to find a marketing opportunity on a national day of commemoration.

Campbell Soup brand SpaghettiOs doesn’t have a lot of activity on its Twitter account, but it certainly got more attention than it wanted when it posted this picture on Friday, the day before the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.


People were less than happy with the brand’s imagery on a day when so many people lost their lives, and the backlash came hard and fast:

Even actor and comedian Patton Oswalt, joined in:

And some people tried to take it to meme-level, inserting SpaghettiOs into several historical events:

Of course, not everyone was offended:

SpaghettiOs eventually took down the offending tweet, and sent out this apology:

SpaghettiOs is only the latest in a long line of brands who have offended people with their real-time marketing efforts. Check out these tweets from AT&T, Kenneth Cole and Home Depot to see how easily social media marketing can go wrong.

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