Two Unite Against Data Silos

We hear it all the time. The biggest obstacles to achieving the proverbial 360-degree, 1-to-1 relationship with customers are sitting right inside corporate HQ—those big old organizational silos with their cordoned-off databases lorded over by protective unit chiefs. But Jeff Wright and John Joseph think they’ve come up with a way for companies to level them, and get on with seamless customer engagement.

Wright, who is director of demand center consulting at MarketOne, and Joseph, VP of marketing at Scribe Software, have joined forces in an assault on the silos. Their new partnership will employ Scribe’s cloud-based integration platform to pull comprehensive marketing automation data from Eloqua, aggregate it with data from other enterprise sources, enrich it, and then load it into MarketOne’s analytics models. The result, they claim, will be organic blending of data sources for the common good that is capable of commencing immediately.

“Companies try to do this internally with a big data warehousing initiative and it’s a slow process. It’s not reactive,” Wright says. “With this new product, we go to a client, have them give us log-in access and a typical entry point like Eloqua or Salesforce and, within a week, we get them looking at and understanding that single view of the customer.”

The new service works as an add-on to companies’ existing marketing automation and CRM systems. Scribe Online works with most leading business applications, including Microsoft Dynamics, ExactTarget, HubSpot, Marketo, NetSuite, and Silverpop, as well as Salesforce and Eloqua.

“We very easily get data integrated from different places,” maintains Joseph. “Ours is a cloud-based service. It’s a new kind of integration platform that gets feedback from Eloqua or wherever and pushes it back across the organization to give it a comprehensive view of the customer.”

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