Tumblr partners with Datasift to provide data and analytics for marketers

In another effort to make itself more marketer-friendly, blogging platform Tumblr has inked a deal with data and analytics company Datasift.

The deal will give Datasift users access to the Tumblr “firehose” or the real-time stream of data from the platform, which includes information about the 5.5 billion user interactions that take place on it every day.

The Tumblr deal follows a similar partnership between Datasift and Twitter. Speaking to TechCrunch, Datasift’s CEO Rob Bailey said Tumblr “wanted the same success, the same kind of ecosystem, that Twitter has built around itself. It has been a huge accelerant to people spending money on the network.”

This is valuable information for marketers. Tumblr has nearly 300 million unique visitors and a very young user base that has so far resisted commercial intrusions into their blogging space. With Datasift, marketers will be able to see how Tumblr users interact with each, what sites they visit, where they get their content from and how they react to advertising. In addition, they’ll have access to Datasift’s consulting services about how to use the data they access.






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