T-shirt search engine PleaseDressMe.com launches

PleaseDressMe.com, a new T-shirt search engine, launched on September 1.

There is no easy way to search for specific T-shirts on the myriad sites that sell them, said AJ Vaynerchuk, a senior at Boston University who started the site with his brother Gary Vaynerchuk, a wine video blogger; and friend Joe Stump, a lead architect for Digg.com. “We decided it would be a pretty awesome idea if we took all the popular T-shirt sites and made it easy to sort by color, price, tags, keywords, etc.,” he said.

Right now the company has deals with nine T-shirt companies, including BustedTees.com and ClutchTees.com, Vaynerchuk said. On average, one or two new T-shirt sites are being indexed daily, he said. “We manually review every T-shirt, and tag it to ensure quality and accuracy,” he said.

Right now, PleaseDressMe is supported by affiliate deals with the different T-shirt sites. “We get paid if we help convert that company a sale,” Vaynerchuk said. In the future, he plans to have advertising on the site.

On the fourth day of operation, the site had received more than 20,000 unique visitors and 100,000 page views. Vaynerchuk said part of the traffic had been driven by the press the site has received this week.

There are other T-shirt sites similar to PleaseDressMe.com, but they are more social and allow users to tag shirts, Vaynerchuk said. “That allows for spam,” he said.

In order to preserve the integrity of its search results, PleaseDressMe.com does not allow users to tag shirts. However, in the future, Vaynerchuk said he and his partners plan to add some social aspects to the site, such as profiles. The site may also allow users to post comments on specific T-shirts.

Right now users can become a “friend” of PleaseDressMe on Facebook. They can also follow the site on Twitter or bookmark it on sites such as Digg.com or del.icio.us.

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