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True North Picks Notara's Campaign Tool

True North Communications Inc., Chicago, an advertising agency conglomerate, has signed on to use Notara Inc.'s Web-based marketing campaign solution.

Called Notara Marketing, the licensed software allows agencies and advertisers to accelerate, simplify and manage internal and external marketing processes.

True North's FCB Worldwide and Temerlin McClain agencies are implementing the system. The software will allow executives at these shops to view, review and approve promotion proposals, campaign creative and other touch points online.

The Notara system is also capable of incorporating a digital library of film clips and artwork on previous campaigns.

“In essence, True North was looking for a way in which to improve the collaborative workflow and approval process between them and their clients,” said Danny Turano, president and chief operating officer of Notara, New York.

“What it replaces is faxes, e-mails and on-site meetings,” Turano said. “It also creates and provides an audit trail. There's no question as to who looked at it, when they looked at it and what they thought about it.”

With this system, Notara competes in a market served by players like Aprimo, Indianapolis; Emmperative, Cincinnati; and eMotion Inc., Vienna, VA. True North is said to have examined these options, plus internal solutions.

Founded in 1996, Notara has clients like Levi Strauss & Co., World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc. and Tommy Hilfiger. These marketers use Notara Licensing, which automates the licensing process.

True North is Notara's first client for Notara Marketing, which automates processes in planning, executing and measuring marketing activities.

Turano said agencies often have issues with their clients regarding who got what rendition of the creative. This can result in a flurry of e-mails and telephone calls or even couriers of packages.

“Essentially, our software gives them control to validate what they've done for their client,” Turano said.

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