Trail Foods’ new e-commerce site ties in to social campaign

Outdoor food manufacturer Trail Foods has launched a new e-commerce Web site and a new social media campaign.

The new e-commerce site, which was designed by interactive agency Squeaky, is part of the vision of new owner Chris Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer, the president of Marietta, OH-based Trail Foods, bought the company in 2007 after eating one of its instant meals on a hike in Yellowstone National Park.

“It was such an amazing product ? the food was so wholesome, the packaging was so good ? that I decided then and there that I would buy the company,” Pfeiffer said.

The new site, at, features the products backdropped by photography of the great outdoors and a click-to-buy option. The site also features a store locator and a new social media aspect through which users can share their stories and photos of outdoor trip experiences.

“It is more than just an e-commerce site. It is a place where people can collect experi­ences,” said Pfeiffer.

To help promote the social aspect virally, Trail Foods is taking advantage of sites such as Facebook and Flickr. Trail Foods has branded content on both of these social net­works with photos from the employees’ own hiking trips and encourages others to upload theirs to participate in the conversation.

The Facebook page was implemented as a way for Trail Foods to connect with its members and communicate product updates promotions and events. Customers also can interact with the Facebook page for customer service questions and concerns.

The site also is promoted on, a licensing partner to Trail Foods. Trail Foods has created two co-branded meals for Coleman, after the brand decided that they wanted to get into food in the outdoors space, Pfeiffer said.

The target audience is broad, Pfeiffer said. While the core customer is primarily people in their mid 20s-30s who are “out­door minded,” Pfeiffer hopes to reach all people who are looking for adventure in the great outdoors.

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