TiVo and Google partner to measure Google TV Ads

TiVo has teamed up with Google to measure the audience reach of Google TV Ads. Terms of the deal, announced November 24, were not disclosed.

Google will license and integrate TiVo’s anonymous television-viewing data into its audience measurement for ads sold through the Google TV Ads platform. This agreement will let Google TV Ads gather DVR-viewing data from TiVo’s subscribers.

“We are always on the lookout for potential partners who might be doing something complimentary to our offerings,” said Todd Juenger, VP and general manager of TiVo audience research and measurement. “We are always looking to put our data to use to help the industry and to help grow our own business.”

The TiVo sample will cover all television signal sources, including digital cable, analog cable, satellite, telecom and over-the-air television in real-time. Google TV Ads has served more than 100 billion TV ad impressions since its 2007 launch.

TiVo already licenses its data to TRA, which is matching TiVo information with grocery store loyalty data to link commercials and purchase behavior. In addition, Quantcast uses TiVo data to measure TV.

Google TV Ads also has a partnership with Nielsen’s Prism to measure demographic data.

“Advertisers can use this data to understand which audiences and ads are most effective, which we think will ultimately lead to more relevant ads for viewers,” said Mike Steib, director of emerging platforms at Google, in a statement.

Recently, Google has actively expanded its advertising business. It announced the acquisition of Teracent, a display ad network company, this week. It also announced the purchase of Gizmo5, a company that makes software for Internet-based calling on mobile phones and computers, on November 12. It also agreed to acquire AdMob earlier this month.

In September, Google introduced DoubleClick Ad Exchange, a result of the company’s 2007 acquisition of DoubleClick.

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