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Tips to Optimize Facebook Ads

facebook ads

About three million businesses from all over the world advertise on Facebook. Facebook is an extremely popular social media platform for marketing and sales. Ads on Facebook are highly targeted and very effective when it comes to reaching potential customers. Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, giving a business easy access to both platforms. While making a targeted ad, a business can use the information that Facebook maintains about its users. Access to demographics helps to create a robust marketing strategy. Starting a business page on Facebook is free and the other tools are inexpensive. Given below are tips that would help a business to optimize its Facebook ad.

Choose the right objective for your ad

Objectives are goals that should be set for an ad. A business might want its customers to show interest in its product or service or it might want its customers to learn more about it. The objective of an ad could also be converted. Facebook has already created objectives and choosing the right objective will help a business to increase its chances of success. The objective for an ad depends on the situation and the most frequently used objective is conversion. For instance, Sifted, a grocery delivery service used superior visuals of the items they stocked in their ad and witnessed a whopping 5,100% increase in its conversions.

Assess ad frequency

The frequency of an ad on Facebook is the number of times a person sees an ad. If people see an ad repeatedly without acting, they are not particularly interested. The greater the number of orders, the higher the frequency should be. The audience sizes can also be increased and decreased accordingly.

Choose a location

Facebook can help a business to target its ads to people in a certain location. A business can also choose a radius around its target area. For instance, after choosing a city a business can then choose if it wants people who live 50 miles away from the target area to view its ad. Businesses that have physical locations can take advantage of this. Location proves to be very helpful when it comes to a local marketing strategy. Facebook geo-targeting helps to ensure that people who are viewing an ad will find content that is relevant to them and will visit a site to see what else it has to offer.

Use unique ads

Ads on Facebook should be unique as they present a brand to the public. The target audience should not ignore an ad or hide it from their newsfeed. Sometimes, the little details help, for instance, using a brief copy or a value proposition can be helpful. People will only give an ad a couple of seconds to impress them. Use those seconds effectively so that the call to action of an ad maintains clarity for the user. For instance, Crate and Barrel uses superior-quality images and avoids unnecessary text which keeps the focus on the products. It is clear to the audience what products are on sale.

Matt Caiola is Co-CEO of 5WPR, a leading digital PR firm.

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