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Ticketmaster Partners with YouTube to Sell Tickets on Artists’ Video Pages

Earlier today, YouTube (NYSE: GOOG) announced a partnership with Ticketmaster, a move that will have the Google-owned social video network streamlining the ticketing experience. Fans wanting to connect with concert tickets and tour information will be able to do so through the artists’ YouTube video pages.

According to a statement released by YouTube, “We understand the importance of helping artists find ways to build deeper connections with their fans,” the company said. “The ones who not only watch and listen to videos, but are also willing to pay to see live performances.”

Starting today, YouTube will begin featuring hundreds of artist’s upcoming U.S. tour dates on their YouTube videos. This joint integration allows users to learn more about upcoming and nearby concert listings while listening to the artist, and if they so choose, jump directly to Ticketmaster to purchase tickets. Ticketmaster’s global roster of concerts paired with YouTube’s vast fan base easily connects a fan’s discovery of music on YouTube to their ability to purchase concert tickets.

The relationship between YouTube and the record industry has always been one of strife, but that doesn’t discount the video network’s massive social reach and promotional appeal. Creating a bridge to direct ticket sales alleviates long held frustrations with historically lower royalty checks.

 “As part of our ongoing commitment to support artists, we’ll continue to find additional ways to make meaningful fan and artist connections,” said the company.

With Spotify dominating the streaming market, the move comes at a good time; while Spotify continues to improve its platform with integrated data and artist information, the Ticketmaster partnership should help distinguish YouTube’s branding from the streaming service. And with 1.5 billion users monthly, the partnership exposes Ticketmaster sales to an enormous audience. There could be worse frenemyships. 

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