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The sophisticated marketer’s guide to LinkedIn

Yesterday, I spent a fast and furious 60 minutes on a webinar in the company of Jason Miller from LinkedIn, learning how they think we should approach becoming a Sophisticated Marketer using the platform.

A former Marketo marketing guy, Jason took us on a rapid (sometimes hilarious) journey through what it means to create great content for LinkedIn and how to generate lots of leads by developing fruitful experiences and relationships online.

Using lots of different examples (a little too many from Hubspot if you ask me) Jason and team successfully gave the audience a ton of things to think about how to take their marketing using digital to the next level.

There was a lots of emphasis on the importance of visuals, and my main take away was Jason hammering home the point about creating content that can have multiple uses.

One of the examples was about a white paper that had only generated 14K views online, so the team transformed the text heavy format into a picture-based story on SlideShare and watched it climb to over 300K on that channel.

Creating content that can be sliced, diced and distributed in different ways is not a new concept, but it is often overlooked in companies where digital and social are the last considerations in the marketing ideation process.

Thinking beyond that tangible, beautifully bound handout and creating a matrix of different digital consumption vehicles can only improve message reach, engagement and ultimately ROI.

You can download the guide here: Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn.

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