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The Rise of Ads on Threads: Hulu’s Partnership with Creator Adam Rose


Are you familiar with Threads, the latest messaging app taking the social media world by storm? Well, it seems that advertisers are catching on too. In a groundbreaking move, Hulu has become the first brand to strike a paid ad deal on Threads, collaborating with creator Adam Rose. This partnership marks a significant development in the monetization of social media platforms and showcases the growing trend of brands leveraging the influence of creators to reach their target audience.

Threads, a text-based, real-time mass messaging app, was launched by Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram. Since its release, Threads has garnered over 100 million sign-ups, surpassing expectations and solidifying its position as a potential rival to Twitter. The app’s rapid growth caught the attention of Hulu, prompting the streaming service to seize the opportunity to tap into the app’s cultural significance.

Recognizing the power of Threads to capture the “cultural zeitgeist,” Hulu’s VP of social media and influencer partnerships, Brittany Mehciz, spearheaded the brand’s foray into the platform. Hulu’s decision to collaborate with Threads aligns with its commitment to experimentation and staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving landscape of social media.

To kickstart their advertising efforts on Threads, Hulu partnered with creator Adam Rose. Known for his passionate fandom of the cult-favorite cartoon “Futurama,” Rose was the perfect fit for Hulu’s promotional campaign. The collaboration involved Rose posting a thought-provoking question with an accompanying image of the beloved show, which is making a comeback after years of being off the air.

With 79,000 followers on Threads and a staggering 731,000 followers on Instagram, Adam Rose possesses considerable influence in the social media sphere. His post on Threads, posing the question “which Futurama character are you?”, garnered 131 replies and 709 likes, showcasing the engagement potential of creator-driven content. To ensure transparency, Rose indicated that the post was a paid partnership with Hulu through the hashtag “HuluPartner.”

Creator monetization has become a crucial element for any social media platform. Creators, including celebrities, micro-influencers, and content-makers, are the driving force behind user engagement. By providing creators with opportunities to monetize their efforts, platforms can incentivize them to produce more content and keep their audience captivated. However, brands must exercise caution when engaging in creator marketing, ensuring that the creators align with their products and services.

While brands have been quick to establish their presence on Threads, the integration of paid promotions may take some time. Meta, the owner of Threads, Facebook, and Instagram, is reportedly working on incorporating paid advertising options into Threads. This move follows the successful implementation of paid promotions on other Meta-owned apps. Once fully integrated, brands will have the opportunity to deliver plain ads or engage in brand partnerships that benefit both creators and advertisers.

As brands navigate the world of influencer marketing on Threads, they face various challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, collaborating with creators can provide brands with access to a highly engaged and loyal audience. On the other hand, brands must carefully vet creators to ensure alignment with their brand values and reputation. Additionally, brands must consider the context in which their paid promotions appear, as maintaining brand safety and integrity is of utmost importance.

The partnership between Hulu and Adam Rose on Threads marks the beginning of a new era in advertising on the platform. As more brands recognize the potential of creator-driven content, we can expect to see a surge in advertising efforts on Threads. With Meta actively working on integrating paid promotions, the possibilities for brands to connect with their target audience through this innovative messaging app are endless.

The collaboration between Hulu and creator Adam Rose on Threads represents a significant milestone in the app’s development as an advertising platform. As brands increasingly recognize the influence of creators and the engagement potential of platforms like Threads, we can anticipate a shift towards more creator-driven advertising strategies. With Meta’s ongoing efforts to integrate paid promotions, the future of ads on Threads looks promising. Brands must adapt and embrace this evolving landscape to effectively leverage the power of creator marketing and connect with their audience in meaningful ways.

First reported by AdAge.

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