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The Power of Web Analytics: Three Examples of Powerful Web Analytics Use

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Web analytics tools’ value cannot be underestimated in today’s world with everything we do being online in a database somewhere. There are countless tools and resources available to help marketers and businesses better track these analytics. Artificial intelligence innovations and analytics are constantly improving to make it easier and easier to gain new insights into the data. Here are three examples of companies taking web analytics tools to go above and beyond in their achievements.

1. Spotify

If you are a user of Spotify, you likely have gotten a “Spotify Wrapped” report. This was a brilliant use of web analytics by Spotify to boost the user experience and brand awareness. If you are unfamiliar, Spotify Wrapped is a yearly overview that encompasses each individual user’s unique listening history. They identify your top songs, artists, genres, and more. They tell you who else listened to your music, what percentage of the population you fit into based on your taste, and more. By using all of their data analytics tools to personalize the user experience, Spotify gained customer loyalty because of how much users love getting this yearly Spotify Wrapped report.

There’s also artist-focused analytics available, giving the musicians who make a living through Spotify insight into audience behaviors. This makes the platform more viable as a money-making prospect, so even a non-expert can use basic audio editing tools and an easy track mastering service to launch tunes on Spotify, then see how they perform and adjust future releases accordingly.

2. Shell

Being one of the world’s leading oil and gas companies, Shell utilized powerful analytics resources to help them avoid major risks due to the instability of the oil and gas industry. Essentially, Shell used Apache Spark, which is an open-source unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing, to plan when they should purchase drilling oil machine parts, the best locations to store them, and how long to keep them for.

This was an incredibly valuable tool for Shell. Doing a basic inventory analysis had once taken 48 hours and now, with these analytics tools applied, it only takes 45 minutes because all of the data is stored and organized immediately as it is inputted for them. Ultimately, this saves Shell millions of dollars each year because it avoids them having to move and reallocate inventory.

3. Land O’ Lakes

Land O’ Lakes is an American agricultural cooperative that produces a broad spectrum of food for the consumer market. Because they are one of the top producers of various products (most well-known for butter), optimization of field and agricultural conditions is essential to their business success.

In order to better be able to visualize and predict their agricultural conditions, the company’s farmers have begun using online analytics tools and software such as Google Cloud to do so. This has helped them visualize and analyze the data regarding water management, seed placement, and crop disease. By using Google Maps and Google Earth, they can see exactly where they are farming in real-time in a zoomed-out or zoomed-in view, depending upon their needs.

Overall, this data analysis gives them a reason to make decisions about crop placement and other matters based on facts and data, rather than just their intuition. This has changed the game for them. It allows them to increase their crop output. Thus, increasing their overall sales.

4. Nissan Motor

Nissan Motor is another great example of a company leveraging analytics tools to make their business more successful and their employees’ lives easier. The company utilizes Google analytics eCommerce tracking features to see their latest product preferences. In this way, they can see which car category types, models, and colors are the most popular in real-time. This information then allows their team to infer what will be in high demand. It also allows them to view all of these customer preferences according to various regions, income levels, and more. This organization helps make the process of marketing to specific audiences that much easier.

These examples are just a few of the unique ways to use web analytics. Likewise, how much value they can bring to your business. Take a page out of these companies’ books, and follow their example.

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