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The Making of an Award (Winning) Campaign


DMN Marketing Hall of Femme honoree Trish Wheaton has had a special connection with the awards program since being selected in 2013. The root of this connection is Wheaton’s passion for brand purpose. This is evident in her recent career focus.  At the time Wheaton joined Marketing Hall of Femme as an honoree she was global CMO of Wunderman, where she was instrumental in the agency’s new business growth; she’s now president of its Young & Rubicam Group’s INSPIRE organization (sustainability marketing) and managing partner of its global new business community.

That passion for purpose and community is also what inspired Wheaton—and Wunderman—to stay involved with Marketing Hall of Femme, which, in celebrating the achievements of the most accomplished and influential women in marketing, jibes perfectly with Wheaton and Wunderman’s passion for advancing women in marketing.  So, the [email protected] team collaborated to create the marketing for this year’s awards program. This includes everything from the logo and splash page to the email template to the display and print ads.

The process was fun and interesting for the DMN team. We communicated the vision of Marketing Hall of Femme and Wunderman brought it to life. Below is a bit of the back story on how they made it happen. The tale includes the expected mix of brainstorming and strategizing, plus one big epiphany.

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