The Hub Becomes DMNTech: A Special Announcement

Back in 2013, Haymarket Media, our parent company, launched a digital publication, The Hub, that covered the intersection of marketing technology and communications. It soon began to cover more of the technologies that were bleeding into all areas of marketing, a massive proposition for a smaller brand. 

Meanwhile, in its storied history, our sister Haymarket Media publication, DMN, sought to stay apace of trends in marketing, from following the evolution of direct marketing to the emergence of social media and the improvements in data tracking made available. One other thing it covered–but never to the extent that the industry required–was marketing technology. 

We soon realized our content was overlapping and fast. To take advantage of this opportunity, we decided to combine forces to serve the largest possible audience: senior marketers and their agencies looking for the technologies they need to power their marketing efforts.

On September 1, we will combine our efforts. The Hub will become a part of DMN and be rebranded as DMNTech. There will be an instructive guide for how to access DMN’s marketing technology section on that day, but the best thing you can do is sign up for its global RSS feed or daily newsletter.  

If you are a reader of both publications, this just means it will be easier to read all of our content. If you have not yet read DMN, you will now see the great work it’s been doing to cover trends in digital marketing strategy.

And, of course, if you are a loyal Hub reader, we want to assure you that the only changes will be positive ones. We will have more resources and a larger audience to which we deliver our content. You’ll find historic Hub content preserved on DMN. And if you are subscribed to the The Hub Roundup, you will automatically received the DMNTech Roundup. If you are subscribed to The Hub Sponsored Promotion newsletter, you will receive the DMNTech Sponsored Promotion newsletter.

I will be joining DMN as senior editor, leading the tech section. I’ll have support from DMN’s existing staff, who will supplement my coverage with more content about how tech is impacting all aspects of the marketing funnel.

On September 1, we hope you will join us at DMN.

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