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The Container Store selects Epsilon as database provider

The Container Store has selected Alliance Data subsidiary Epsilon as the company’s database provider, said Don Lucchetti, VP and GM at Epsilon in an email.

Epsilon will host and manage the Container Store’s customer records, he said, and provide analysis and consulting support around the data. Epsilon was selected after an informal RFP process, said Lucy Witte, VP of Direct Marketing and Media at The Container Store, during which the company reviewed Epsilon, Brierley+Partners and the company’s previous database solution provider, Axciom. The process lasted four months and was completed after only one round, she said. According to Lucchetti, the informal RFP began during Fall 2011.

Witte said in an email that the Container Store chose Epsilon because the retail chain “loved [Epsilon’s] strategy, vision and thought-leadership.” She added that Epsilon’s “customized approach” to database management also appealed to the company.

“Epsilon built a new custom database for us, which allows us to house our store and online customers in one place,” Witte said. “We also licensed a new campaign management tool through them, Unica and our reporting tool, Microstrategy.” Witte added that the Container Store also works with Aspen for data analytics projects. The Container Store will continue its relationship with Axciom as a data provider, as well, she said.

Direct mail is a large part of the Container Store’s marketing strategy, Witte said, and that the company mails 6-8 campaigns per month on average.

Epsilon did not release any financial information about the selection.

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